Cord blood processing

Processing cord blood

We understand the importance of being given choice during your pregnancy, which is why we offer two cord blood processing methods: Cells, our entry level service; and CellsPlus powered by TotiCyte, our gold standard. Whilst both options preserve your baby’s precious stem cells, we would always recommend using CellsPlus as this saves 3 times more than any other method that we have tested, including all those currently used in the UK. This is crucial as the success of a treatment can depend upon the number of stem cells your child has available – the more the better.

Multiple Samples

The stem cell treatment possibilities using umbilical cord blood are huge. Currently there are over 5,000 clinical trials13 investigating the use of stem cells to treat a wide range of conditions and they are already the recognised treatment for over 80 diseases. It is for this reason that we aim to give your baby as many opportunities as possible to use their stem cells if they are required.

We offer a storage option that enables you to preserve your baby’s cord blood and tissue in multiple samples. This means that if a treatment only needs part of what you have in storage, we can keep the remainder in storage for future therapies – this is future proofing.

Processed cord blood is stored at dual storage locations

Because we know that, no matter how unlikely, disasters can happen, we give you the option to store your baby’s samples across two geographically separate storage locations. This means that if there were ever a problem at one of our facilities, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the remainder of your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue remains safely in storage at another location.


More opportunities with CellsPlus

CellsPlus delivers 100% more cells

Two key factors determine whether a stem cell sample will be used in a therapy. These are: whether it is a match; and the number of cells it contains. With your baby’s own cord blood, the match is guaranteed, however the number of cells will vary as a result of the cord blood processing method used.

Most cord blood processing systems will lose the majority of stem cells within a sample by the time it is used in treatment. Exclusive to Cells4Life in the UK, CellsPlus is powered by TotiCyte, which delivers more stem cell cells both pre-freeze and post-thaw and when they are grown, than any other technology that we have tested. This means a sample processed using TotiCyte will contain 3 times more cells than one processed using any other method.

Depending on the treatment, usually 25 million cells per kilogram of body weight are required for use in treatment – so the number of cells in a cord blood sample is crucial. Choosing CellsPlus could mean the difference between only having enough stem cells to treat a child, and being able to treat an adult or even multiple treatments.


CellsPlus provides more cells when you need them than any other method we have tested”

The first cord blood bank to provide cord blood in multiple samples for multiple treatments.


CellsPlus stores more stem cell types

We don’t yet know which stem cells are going to be the most useful in the future, which is why it is crucial that you store as many types as possible. Most systems loose primitive cells, such as Very Small Embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) during processing. CellsPlus retains many early stem cell types, meaning your child is prepared for whatever cord blood therapies arise during their lifetime.


more cells captured than other volume reduction methods


Cells – world leading technology

A slightly more affordable option, Cells processes cord blood using the AXP device. Second only to CellsPlus in terms of viable cell recovery, the AXP is unique to Cells4Life for family banking in the UK. It is also the NHS’ chosen cord blood processing technology14 and the most popular system in North America.

AXP’s widespread use in the USA means that samples processed with this method have been applied to numerous stem cell therapies at medical centers all over the world.

Cord blood viability

We only use a dedicated courier service who works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to collect your baby’s cord blood. This ensures that your sample is collected and processed within 12 – 24 hours, if not earlier. This is very important as the viability of cord blood will start to decrease as soon as it is out of the body – the sooner your baby’s sample undergoes cord blood processing the more stem cells your baby will have in storage. We always ensure that our courier and processing times are some of the best in the industry.

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