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As a prospective parent, you are looking at storing your baby’s stem cells because you want the best possible protection for their health, not just today but for the rest of their life. At first, choosing the right service can seem a little daunting but we have been doing this for many years and it all comes down to two main questions:

• How many cells are collected?
• How many times can they be used?

Ultimately, you need to have confidence in the private cord blood banking company that is storing your baby’s precious cells – Cells4Life can provide this security and stability.


What should I consider when choosing a cord blood bank?

How does the cord blood bank protect your baby’s blood and tissue?

At Cells4Life, we give you the opportunity to split your baby’s stem cells across two storage locations, providing the very best protection and security for their sample.

Could my baby’s cord blood be used more than once?

We give you the option of storing your baby’s stem cells in multiple samples, meaning that your child has the opportunity to use their sample in multiple treatments should it be required.

How much experience do they have?

A cord blood bank’s experience is a good indication of their capabilities to not only store your baby’s cord blood, but also successfully release it for a treatment. Cells4Life has already released 13 samples, and has been established for more than 16 years.

We are also the largest private cord blood banking company in the UK, storing stem cells for more UK parents than any other bank. With Cells4Life, you can trust that you are using the most experienced stem cell storage provider in the field.

How many viable cells are available at the point of treatment?

All cord blood processing methods result in the loss of some of your baby’s precious stem cells, so it is important that you choose the one that loses the least. 

Our CellsPlus service provides your baby with three times more cells than any other method.* The more stem cells, the more likely a treatment is to be successful, so collecting as many as possible could not be more important.

What standards do they meet?

We are compliant with a range of legislation and licenses, including the HTA, FCA, and UK NEQAS standard.

Ask yourself…

Will my cord blood bank provide the best protection for my baby’s long-term health?

Find out…

How does the Cells4Life collection process work?



Your options for stem cell processing technologies



Why choose Cells4Life?

Cells4Life is the leader in cord blood banking in the UK, with more UK samples in storage than any other bank. Everything about our service has been designed for one purpose – to provide your baby and your family with the best long term health protection available.

Here are just a few of the benefits to banking cord blood with Cells4Life:

  • Multiple treatments
  • Dual location storage
  • 3x more stem cells*
  • Stem cell insurance
  • Most comprehensive range of services
  • Year-round collection
  • Dedicated couriers
  • Industry leading technology
  • HTA licensed




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*We have conducted in-house testing that shows TotiCyte recovers three times more stem cells at the point of therapy than any other method we have tested. A summary of these experiments can be found here.

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