Stem Cell Education Homework

Most cells found within the human body are specialised – this means they perform a specific function. Blood cells, liver cells, skin cells, nerve cells are some of the hundreds of specialised cells that form our body.

Some cells, however, are not specialised yet, they do not have a set function – these are stem cells. These powerful cells have the ability to renew themselves through cell division, when the cell divides some cells will continue as stem cells whereas other will develop to become specialised cells.

Cells4life are one of many companies who look to embrace the benefits of stem cells and their role in the future of medicine. We provide a service that allows parents to store the stem cells found in their baby’s umbilical cord following birth.

We have produced a series of materials, designed to support students studying biology at GCSE and A-Level with research, homework and revision.

A homework guide to stem cells

Find out more in our guide to stem cells.

Stem Cell Guide

Practice makes perfect

Polish up on your stem cell terminology with our flash cards – ideal for revision

Flash Cards

Test your knowledge

Test your understanding with this multiple choice quiz

Cells4Life Quiz

Just for fun…

Try our crossword and word search and see how much you can remember!

Cells4Life Puzzles

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