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The UK’s leading stem cell bank

As the UK’s leading and largest stem cell bank, we have developed everything from our systems and processes, to the range of services that we offer, and even the way in which we store your baby’s umbilical cord blood, to ensure that your child has the best chance for a healthy future.

100% more Cells

Exclusive to Cells4Life in the UK, CellsPlus provides 100%-400% more stem cells when you need them than any cord blood processing method that we have tested, including all systems currently used in the UK. The number of cells is crucial, as it can affect how successful a stem cell treatment will be. The more stem cells that you can capture for your child, the better the protection for their health in the future.

Multiple Treatments

Cells4Life gives you option to store your baby’s cord blood in multiple samples, meaning that we can thaw the amount of cord blood required for a treatment, leaving the remainder in storage for future therapies.

The possible uses of stem cells could be limitless. By storing your baby’s cord blood in multiple samples, you can make the most of this potential, both now and in the future.

Two storage locations

Even though the UK is a very secure country, disasters can happen. This is why we offer to split your child’s cord blood between two storage locations. If one facility is affected, the remainder of the samples are safely preserved in the other. We are the only stem cell bank in the UK to give you this protection.

Stem Cell Insurance

Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, Cells4Life is the first UK cord blood bank to offer a unique stem cell insurance plan to partner stem cell storage. +PROTECT provides up to £250,000 of cover towards stem cell treatment expenses and £30,000 of cover for non-treatment costs. +PROTECTExtra also pays out a lump sum of £50,000 if cerebral palsy is diagnosed within the first three years of your child’s life. +PROTECT ensures that your financial circumstances would never inhibit a stem cell treatment for your child or family members if it was needed.

The UK’s leading stem cell bank

Take a look inside the UK’s leading stem cell bank
Everything about the Cells4Life service has been designed with one purpose in mind – to provide your child with the best possible treatment opportunities.

Unique benefits with the Cells4Life stem cell bank

uks-largestThe UK’s largest bank

We are the biggest private stem cell bank in Britain, storing more UK samples than any other. Our CellsPlus plan is the most popular cord blood banking service in the country and we currently have more than 100,000 samples in storage. Your baby’s stem cells could not be in safer or more experienced hands.

24-7Year-round collection

Your baby’s stem cell samples should be frozen as quickly as possible after birth, which is why we operate our cord blood collection service, courier service and laboratory, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also operate a 24/7 customer care line, to ensure that our team is always available should you need any help. Our highest priority is to provide the best quality cord blood sample, to protect your child’s health in the future.

dedicated-courierDedicated couriers

We only use a dedicated 24/7 courier service for collection and aim to have all samples picked up within 2 hours of your phone call. Your baby’s stem cells are transported safely and directly to our laboratory by couriers who have been specially trained to handle cord blood. Where transit times are lengthy, we also use state-of-the-art temperature controlled packaging. Your baby’s cord blood could not be in better hands.

all-cellsThe most services

We offer the most comprehensive range of cord blood stem cell services in the world – giving you the choice of whole cord blood, volume-reduced, cord tissue and stem cell insurance. This enables your child to take advantage of all the therapeutic opportunities their stem cells provide.

AXPWorld leading technology

If you are looking for a more affordable option, our Cells service is second only to CellsPlus in terms cell recovery. Cells uses the AXP device, which is unique to Cells4Life and the NHS in the UK and is the most popular processing system in North America.

guaranteed-refundGuaranteed refund

Cells4Life charges an all-inclusive fee for courier, processing and the first year’s storage. However, if the viability of your sample is below 70% you will be given the choice of whether you wish to store or destroy it. If you choose to destroy the sample, the all-inclusive fee will be refunded. You will only ever need to pay for the processing of a high quality sample.

continuity insuranceBusiness continuity protection

To ensure the continued quality and safety of your child’s samples, Cells4Life set aside sufficient funds in an escrow account to cover their continued storage for several years in the unlikely event of a corporate failure. This is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London brokerage and under agreement with a separate HTA licensed facility.



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