Daily Express

A new technique, which uses stem cells, could help women regrow their breasts after cancer surgery.

Experts in the UK and Melbourne University in Australia say that the new breasts look natural and feel soft to touch and are much more comfortable than silicone implants.

The researchers are now in a race to bring the technology to as many women as possible, reports the Daily Express.

The breakthrough technique involves putting a special plastic mould under the skin from where the breast was removed.

This area is then injected with the patient’s own stem cells.

Over a period of six months to a year the stem cells and fat slowly grow until new breast tissue is formed.

Professor Kefah Mokbel, consultant breast surgeon at St George’s Hospital, London, has conducted the procedure on a handful of patients in the past few months and they have started to develop new breasts.

He said the results so far had been “very impressive”.

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