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This week we are concluding our pregnancy mini-series with a look at the third trimester.

The third trimester is the final stage of pregnancy.  During this time your baby will continue to grow and his or her lungs will begin to mature ready for life in the outside world. As you baby continues to grow they will gain weight, as much as a pound a week during the final weeks.

All this growth will mean you may need to rest more often. You will begin to feel increasingly tired and may even feel breathless as your baby takes up more and more room. Heartburn is a common complaint for many women during this time. A glass of milk can help to soothe the burning but if that fails your doctor or midwife will be able to recommend something suitable to offer you some relief.

Breathlessness and heartburn should begin to subside once your baby “drops” into your pelvis, an exciting sign that your baby is preparing to be born.  As your due date comes closer you will probably want to have your hospital bag packed, ready to go.  Remember to pack your cord blood collection kit as the phlebotomist will need this to procure your baby’s cord blood sample.

Once your baby and placenta has arrived, you can enjoy those first precious moments with your new arrival.  The placenta will then be taken away so that your baby’s umbilical cord blood and cord tissue can be procured.  It is completely painless and safe, without any medical risk to you or your baby.  Once the cord blood has been procured and the courier has been to collect the sample it will be processed in our 24 hour laboratory.  This quick processing time ensures that the best quality cord blood sample possible is stored your baby and family.


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