Anxiety goes hand-in-hand with parenting. From the moment you leave the hospital with your bundle of joy, to your teenager going on their first holiday with friends or moving out of home.

And that anxiety can begin long before the birth of your baby. The list of things parents-to-be need can seem never-ending; from cribs, muslins and clothes to car seats and buggies. But one thing many parents may not realise is definitely worth investing in is a paediatric first aid class. The skills they will learn will stay with them for much longer than a changing bag or bouncy chair.

Every parent will benefit from investing in this type of course. It can do many things for you, beyond just teaching you how to react in an emergency.

For new parents, every little detail is critical and worrisome. A first aid class teaches parents how to spot and deal with everything from a fever to meningitis. Having this type of training can give a parent the confidence to make better decisions for the child in that moment. Instead of panicking and worrying about what to do, the parent knows how to spring into action to provide the individual with the care he or she needs in that second. This saves lives.

New babies are rarely far from their parents so it is likely they will be the first responders in times of emergency. This is especially important in time-sensitive situations such as choking, drowning, strangulation, or a bleeding wound when it’s crucial for you to act fast and act right.

A first aid class can also teach new parents about how to baby-proof their home, which is where many accidents occur. The living room or dining room is where most accidents happen but it is the stairs or kitchen where the most serious incidents take place. A class can help you prevent and deal with scalds and burns, poisoning by bleach or medicines, falls and choking.

It will also teach you about the less obvious dangers to consider such as how dummies can be a health risk and what to consider when using car seats.

Every child is bound to get hurt at some point because they are always on the go. Life is a big adventure, with so much to explore and examine. As your child learns about its surroundings, so should you learn how to protect them.

About Daisy First Aid:

Mother of three Jenni Dunman set up Daisy First Aid four years ago after she stopped her friend’s daughter from choking on a cookie in a cafe. Working as a police officer at the time, Jenni realised that many parents lacked the first aid skills she had and wanted to do something to help educate and empower them.

Jenni has grown her business from tabletop to a multi-award winning company. She is now considered a paediatric first aid expert, featuring in numerous publications and working with celebrity parents to promote the importance of this training.

Jenni says: “We train thousands of parents every year and when you get that call to say a parent saved their child’s life thanks to our class, that is the most unbelievably emotional feeling. We are all so passionate about the importance of first aid and absolutely love what we do.”

Daisy First Aid offers fun and fear-free first aid courses designed specifically for parents, grandparents and child carers. In a two hour class, which takes place in the attendee’s own home or local venue, the world of emergency first aid unfolds. Participants interact and learn the skills they need to save a life and to treat the most common accidents and emergencies with CPR, anaphylaxis, seizures and meningitis, just some of the issues covered.

Babies and breastfeeding are very welcome too.

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