If you know someone with a baby on the way over Christmas, our guide to buying presents for pregnant women will help you get a gift that stands out.

1. Rest and Relaxation

Pregnancy can be hard and every day brings new stresses and strains to muscles and joints.

Many expectant mothers report that pregnancy brings on back pain caused by the weight of their bump, and the extra load also takes its toll on their feet.

A spa break or massage is therefore a safe bet when it comes to buying a pregnancy gift. Just make sure you look for pregnant-friendly treatments as expectant mums are unable to enjoy certain therapies.

If the mum-to-be in question is your significant other, you could also consider the increasingly popular ‘Babymoon’. These short breaks away give expectant parents the chance to unwind before the big arrival. Bear in mind that hot weather doesn’t mix well with pregnancy so opt for a destination with more moderate conditions.

2. Memories & keepsakes

Nine months may sound like a long time, but pregnancy can often feel like it is whizzing by in a whirlwind as you prepare for baby to arrive.

More and more parents are therefore trying to capture their memories along the way. In fact, the pregnancy keepsake industry is booming. It is now possible to buy everything from a baby bump cast to freeze-dried placenta paintings and jewellery.

If you are feeling slightly less adventurous, a voucher for a photo shoot could go down a treat.

3. Classes

It is important to keep active during pregnancy, especially during the winter months. Pregnancy classes, from yoga to fitness, have become popular in recent years.

A subscription to an indoor exercise class for Christmas could be the perfect pregnancy gift to beat the winter blues. It could also provide a memorable gift that will continue to be used long after the festive season wraps up.

4. Something practical

With a new baby on the way, many expectant parents appreciate the simplicity of a practical gift – especially considering the fact that the costs of having a child can really add up.

When buying a gift, you can always bet on tried and tested gifts such as baby clothes, a baby monitor, or other items like toys for the nursery.

There are even services offering to pack pre-made hospital bags for the big day or you can read our guide to find out how to do it yourself.

5. Cord blood banking

If you would like to treat the expectant mum in your life to something really special as a pregnancy gift, cord blood banking could be just the ticket. More than four million families have banked cord blood around the world and setting up the service with Cells4Life is simple and effective.

It isn’t often that you can provide a gift that will protect a baby’s health for the rest of their life, and gifting someone the cord blood banking service is a sure-fire way to stand out.

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