News about the coronavirus is pretty hard to escape at the moment. Whether it’s being reported on the TV, on the front page of a newspaper, or on social media, we are constantly exposed to it. And that’s not just to us adults, it’s our children too.

It can be difficult to know how to communicate with our children during this period of uncertainty and to explain what is happening in the world around them.

Here’s some advice from the experts at the NSPCC whose priority is supporting children and families. They have created guidance for parents and children to provide reassurance and bring some calm to families who may be finding things tricky during this time.


Key Takeaways

Keep Calm

Continue to reassure children that you are there to listen to their worries.

Keep talking

Encourage them to be open about their concerns and talk to other young people on Childline’s message boards.

Keep safe

Wash your hands regularly and try not to touch your face.

For more information visit or call 0800 1111


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