The sister company of Cells4Life, Stabilitech Biopharma, have been formally recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an official vaccine developer.

Stabilitech board member Dr Jeff Drew, who is also the co-founder of Cells4Life, noted: “The WHO is a pivotal player when it comes to vaccines, it sets all of the guidelines adopted by bio-pharmaceutical companies for vaccines development.

“Being added to the WHO’s list as a recognised vaccine developer is huge news for us and the UK biopharma sector, providing a level of global recognition that Stabilitech is an active player in finding a vaccine for COVID-19.”

This announcement comes soon after Stabilitech announced its aim to secure a $6m investment to develop a coronavirus vaccine. The company’s vaccine, OraPro-COVID-19, is an unique oral capsule which provides double immunity targeting both systemic and mucosal cells to fight off the virus. The vaccine is self-administered, significantly reducing exposure of COVID-19 to key workers and the general public.

Dr Eliot Bland, also a Stabilitech board member, added “This is an important role contributing to the development of vaccines globally. Stabilitech’s expertise can be combined with those at other leading organisations such as Imperial College and Oxford.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge that requires international collaboration to find a solution. Joining the taskforce committee, means Stabilitech has direct input into COVID-19 vaccine development, making us part of the global community fight against Coronavirus.”

You can read more about Stabilitech’s unique oral COVID-19 vaccine here.

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