96% of Cells4Life customers would store cord blood for their next child, according to a new poll we are publishing today.

Earlier this year, we asked more than 2,000 of our customers one simple question:

‘if you had another child, would you choose to store again?’

Now, the overwhelmingly positive response we received suggests that the vast majority of parents want to protect their entire family’s long-term health, by preserving stem cells for each of their children.

96% voted yes 4% voted no

Why store cord blood again?

Storing stem cells for each of your children maximises their treatment possibilities. This is because a baby’s own stem cells are their perfect genetic match, and can therefore be used in therapy without the risk of rejection that comes with other kinds of transplant. Of course, one child’s sample has a good chance of being suitable for their siblings to use; there is a 25% chance of it being a perfect match and a 50% of being good enough for a transplant. With the remaining 25% chance being no genetic match at all.

It is more beneficial, however, to store individually for each child so that they have guaranteed access to their own 100% perfect match and to higher success rates of medical treatments if needed in the future. There is also the fact that the more cells stored, the better. Storing for each of your children ensures that your family has access to the largest number of stem cells possible, which could enable multiple treatments if they are needed. To find out more, just visit https://cells4life.com/cord-blood-pricing/

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