powerful stem cells

The stem cells in your baby’s cord blood are the most potent that they will ever have. With cord blood banking, you can collect these powerful cells from the umbilical cord and placenta and store them for use in stem cell therapies; this ensures that your baby will benefit from the future of stem cell medicine. 

Here are a few benefits to cord blood banking:

Safe and easy procedure

Umbilical cord blood banking is entirely risk-free, non-invasive yet could protect your baby for the rest of their lives. The procedure takes place in another room after the third stage of labour, so it does not impact your birthing plan.

The future health of your baby

The future use of stem cells collected from the umbilical cord could be used to repair your baby’s damaged tissue, regenerate old organs or even replace body parts. Choosing cord blood banking ensures your baby will have their stem cells ready for use if they ever need them.

A perfect biological match

Your baby’s cord blood is their perfect biological match, so there is no risk of rejection that would come with other transplants. The chances of finding a stem cell match in a public cord blood bank can be as low as 30%. It could also be a match for siblings and a good enough match for parents. Banking your child’s cord blood and tissue means that they, and the rest of your family, have exclusive use of the stem cells, how you need them and when you need them.

The most powerful stem cells

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are pure and plastic, meaning that they can become almost any cell in the human body. Cord blood stem cells are one of the cornerstones of regenerative medicine. They can treat more than 80 conditions and are the subject of more than 7,600 clinical trials for various regenerative therapies.

Your unborn baby may be part of the first generation to live beyond 100. Chances are they will need stem cells to stay healthy. Contact us for more information and start protecting your baby’s future today.

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