Spinal cord injuries can be life changing. The spine carries out many important functions in the body as we all know, the most important of which is connecting the brain to other parts of the body. Damage to the cord itself or nerves in the cord can cause changes in sensation, and strength and alter some bodily functions.

Among existing treatments, could stem cells potentially be used to help?

To find out more, read on.


Current treatments include:

  • Medications and pain management
  • Immobilisation to keep the injury stable. This can come in the form of braces or neck collars
  • Surgery to remove bone fragments, foreign bodies, herniated disks, or fractured vertebrae

There are also some more experimental treatments that need further research. These aim to stop cell death, encourage nerve regeneration and treat inflammation.

Interesting studies are being conducted by the University of Washington. Using stimulation, they aim to help individuals with spinal cord injuries regain movement in their arms and hands.

In a different study, scientists theorised lowering the body’s temperature significantly to a hypothermic level could help treat the inflammation. This would involve lowering the body temperature for 24-48 hours.

So where do stem cells fit in?

Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells are pretty powerful for sure. At the moment there are no widely available treatments that use stem cells to treat spinal injuries, but research is being done into the possible opportunities stem cells present.

Clinical trials have shown some promising results. The stem cells could be used to promote regeneration of damaged tissue, they could support anatomical/functional recovery and could be a way to treat inflammation.

There are some shortcomings though. Further experimentation needs to be done to figure out how to help the stem cells survive once they have been transplanted and how to prevent uncontrolled division and differentiation.

Progress is being made slowly but it could be very exciting.

Storing Your Baby’s Stem Cells 

Storing your baby’s stem cells gives your child a safety net for the future. If they were to suffer an injury or need a form of stem cell therapy in their lifetime, they will have access to a 100% match to their cells.

Stem cells are currently used to treat 80+ conditions worldwide such as leukaemia, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. These unique cells are powerful.

Research into the potential uses of stem cells continues to be done so the future could hold some great things for those with spinal cord injuries.

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