Do you know anyone excepting a baby soon? Bit stuck on what to get them for Christmas. Fret not dear reader we are here to help inspire you.

Don’t leave it to the last minute! Read on for ideas.

For Mum

Let’s kick this off right and start with gifts for the mum-to-be. There are obvious pampering items that everyone will appreciate. Bath bombs, hand creams, face masks, scented candles etc – all useful, all good. Something comfortable to wear like a cosy cardigan or bathrobe will tick two boxes, practical and something for the winter months to keep momma warm.

You can never go wrong with something sentimental. A kit to print baby’s handprints is an adorable keep’s sake or a “Letter to my baby kit’ where the mother (and father of course) can write notes to their baby to give them in the future.

Outside of the initial ideas though, if you are close to the mother, you can get a little creative with the gifts.

  • Care package of all of mum’s favourite things – you can include a little bottle of their favourite beverage too for their first drink after they have a baby.
  • Humorous gifts and cards – poking around places like Esty or Amazon will reveal plenty of gag gifts that are sure to provide a good laugh. Just make sure the people are up for a laugh to avoid awkward moments. A Parent Decision Coin or a shirt with an amusing slogan could be ideal.
  • Contribute to something – mum (and dad of course) will be busy buying prams, baby gates, clothes, bottles, and some medical things too (especially if they are banking their stem cells) and a dozen other bits and bobs. Ask them if you can help them out in any way. It guarantees they will be getting something they need without you needing to plan too much. A nice easy gesture.

Whatever you get them though we are sure they’ll love it.

For Dad

Dad would probably greatly appreciate a care package of their favourite things too and socks are the classic winner of Christmas day. There are, however, only so many pairs of novelty socks a person can have.

Personalising something for them might be the way to go – a wallet, golf club cover, keyring, or something like that perhaps with a message of congratulations or moral support. A shirt or clothing with Dad plastered on it is also a neat little idea just for the laugh.

There are plenty of comedy gifts out there too such as dad survival books or mini survival kits mostly consisting of sweets that would be ideal. If you know their hobby you can also get them something for that.

Stereotypical as it might be you may find dad says “I don’t need/want anything” so you can always cop out a little with a voucher for a restaurant or shop they enjoy. A gesture that will be appreciated for its simplicity and thoughtfulness AND something that they can look forward to using.

For Baby

Obviously, before the baby, the gifts will be going to the parents, but you can always get some things for the little one in advance.

You can go about these one of two ways – ask the parents what you can buy for the baby or get some necessities and bundle them up.

Things that are always good to get…

  • Baby blankets
  • Muslins
  • Super soft toys
  • Teething toys
  • Little toiletries
  • Little hats, slippers and gloves

And if you are a parent, maybe take over some things that you swear by. Especially if it is a gift for a first-time parent, they may appreciate some advice on products.

If the absolute worst happens and you are completely blank on what to give – just ask the parents what they need and go with that.


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