We just finished a gorgeous summer and now it’s time for winter to roll in. Time to bust out the hats and scarves and protect your baby bump. The following are our tips for getting through the winter while pregnant. If you need a helping hand, we have you covered.

Read on for some toasty tips…

1. Warmth

The obvious first thing that comes to mind is keeping warm. Important for everyone but very important for you and your bump.

During your pregnancy, you may find your temperature fluctuates from hot to cold more often than you might think. So absolutely keep yourself wrapped up warm but we suggest going by layers. You can control your temperature with layers. Get too hot remove a jumper, a little chilly, and add a cardigan. You can also indulge in a decaf hot beverage like herbal tea or hot chocolate to keep you nice and warm.

You may be wondering about having a nice hot bath. This might not be the best option as while pregnant, your bath shouldn’t be over 35 degrees Celsius as raising your core temperature too much can be harmful to baby. If you’re not up for a lukewarm dunk best stick to a quick shower, then stay toasty in a bathrobe fresh from the radiator.

Warning though! Do not forget to stay hydrated (no, a second cuppa doesn’t count). You might think that during the cold months you are less susceptible to becoming dehydrated. It is, in fact, quite the opposite. You are better off drinking more water than you are becoming dehydrated.

2. Keeping healthy

The holiday months are a time to indulge, and we won’t deny you that extra mince pie. However, you need to keep some healthy habits. Keep taking your vitamins, getting that fruit and veg in and ensure you get some gentle exercise to keep the blood pumping. Walking circuits of your house might seem dull but can be a nice way to get your steps in and of course, a little bit of gentle yoga can do wonders to take your mind off the Christmas stresses.

It can be tricky to avoid colds and bugs completely so if at any time you think you are getting ill, give your doctor a ring. Certain medications are not allowed during pregnancy to get the best advice you can.

3. Self-care

This is a quick note as “self-care” is a term that is chucked around a lot these days, but it is worth thinking about. During these winter months, a lot is going on. Visits to and from family, wrapping presents, triple checking you didn’t miss anyone on the card list… it can be a bit of a slog (even if we all secretly love it). Take time to focus on yourself away from the hustle and bustle. Treat yourself to a nap if you need it, tend to your skin and any other little things you fancy, go read a book alone for half hour or simply sit down and avoid the crowds for a bit. You’re only human after all and now you have a bump to think about too.

4. Enjoy the Holidays … Safely

You are going to hear everyone say something along the lines, “you shouldn’t do that in your condition” and although you think you are a superhero and can still do it all while pregnant, it’s worth listening to those words sometimes.

You can still enjoy the parties, the decorating, Christmas shopping and those crisp winter walks but of course, use your best judgement and maybe give someone else a job or two. 

The weather has been a theme of this blog and we won’t escape it just yet. Clear cold days are your friend as you can get out there and enjoy your day but, much like everyone, be careful of the very bitter icy or snowy days. When those roll in, unless you really really need to go out, call it a duvet day and stay indoors. This sounds obvious but we will say it anyway.

Another obvious but needed reminder, you shouldn’t be doing much if any of the heavy lifting. Take the opportunity to get someone else to get the decorations out of the loft and get the lights up. You can avoid doing your or your baby any harm and take a more directorial role.

We hope that you get through this winter as unscathed as possible and that this blog is a friendly reminder that you can have fun and stay safe.

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