To store or not to store? Public or private? And once you make your choice to store privately you then have the inevitable question of “Who do I choose?”

Cells4Life is a UK based Cord Blood bank offering a wide variety of services, some of which are unique to us. Choosing who to bank with is a big choice so we wanted to provide you with a few reasons why you might want to pick us.

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Placenta Banking

Let’s start with something unique to us, Placenta Banking. During pregnancy, the placenta provides your baby with nourishment and removes waste, both extremely important functions. However, the placenta’s usefulness doesn’t run out after it has been delivered.

You can get a lot more detail by checking out our page dedicated to placenta banking but here is a quick overview of why this resource can be so precious.

The placental cells and amnion contained within the placenta can be used for a range of therapies and treatments, just like cord blood stem cells. They are already used for the treatment of burns and diabetic ulcers. These cells are also different to those found in cord blood alone. The more cell types stored, the greater range of treatments you and your family will have access to.

Similar to cord blood collection, collecting the placenta is a non-invasive procedure and 100% safe for both mum and baby. You deliver the placenta (whether that is naturally or via c-section) and it will be given to the phlebotomist who will take it into a separate room to clean and package it. If not collected the placenta is thrown away as medical waste more often than not.

You can choose to store the amnion and/or the placental cells on their own or you can take advantage of our Ultimate Package where you can store cord blood, cord tissue, amnion, and placenta all in one bundle.

CellsPlus (Powered by Toticyte)

Another unique feature of C4L is our Toticyte technology.

Our cord blood banking services are 100% compatible with delayed and optimal cord clamping. Parents can choose the length of time they want to wait before the cord is cut and the collection can happen. Sometimes, however, this does mean a smaller sample is collected. When stem cells are used for treatment the number of cells needed is dictated by the patient’s weight. From childhood to adulthood your baby will need more cells as they grow.

Cells4Life has developed a way to get up to 3x more cells at the point of treatment from even small samples so they could be viable for treatment.

No one knows when you may need access to a sample so by maximising the cell count pre-freeze and post-thaw, the samples could still be used into adulthood.

Access Plans and Payment Plans

This could technically be classed as two points but since it is to do with money, we will pop them in together. Cord blood storage costs money. It cost money as there is a lot that goes into the safe and reliable storage of your cord blood samples.

Payment plans:

Once you have chosen your package we are more than happy to discuss a payment plan with you. Sometimes it can be tricky to pay for everything in one go so of course if you need to spread payment over something like 6 or 12 months, we can do that for you.

If you need to create something a little more custom we are more than happy to work with you to ensure everyone is happy.

Access plan:

Everyone should have access to this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That is why each one of our main price bundles has an Access Plan equivalent. These are designed to allow storing the cord blood, tissue, amnion and placental cells to anyone, just at a more affordable price.


Your baby’s health is of the utmost importance and from the time they are born you can make lifestyle choices to help them. Knowing if your child is predisposed to certain conditions and sensitivities can be extremely useful.

BabyInsight is a postnatal genetic screening that tells you if your child could have these 5 manageable conditions:

  • AAT deficiency (Genetic condition that raises the risk of lung and other diseases)
  • Gluten sensitivity
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Drug-induced deafness (certain drugs are directly toxic to the inner ear which leads to sensorineural deafness)
  • Hereditary fructose intolerance

All you have to do is get the kit (on its own or as part of your cord blood collection kit), follow the instructions enclosed, pack it up and send it to us. We will then send over a detailed report on all our findings typically within 7 days.

Lifelong Safety net

Overall, by saving your baby’s cord blood, you provide your child and potentially other family members with a lifelong safety net should they ever need treatment.

Private cord blood banking removes the need to wait on a cord blood donation which can take some time as a match needs to be found. With us, your child will have immediate access to a 100% genetic match and siblings will also be able to use the cells. Your child’s health will be protected for as long as the cord blood cells are stored.


The process of storing cord blood is 100% safe and non-invasive. The collection process happens after baby is born. and everything is handled by the team so all you need to do is sign up and leave it to us.

If you are interested, get in contact with us today via email at, phone at 01444 873950 or order your FREE Parent Guide today.



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