You may not believe in miracles, but we think that this story comes close. A young boy, now six years old, might not be here today if it wasn’t for the donated umbilical cord stem cells that he received.

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The Story

This story starts sad but as we mentioned in the introduction, there is a happy end to it all, so stay with us.

As a baby Fraser Hinde was diagnosed with cancer when tumours were found in his head, neck, and spine. For years he battled with this. His parents Alison Gaffney and Andy Hinde were told by doctors that the tumours were compressing his spinal cord and that he should be paralysed. They were also told that 80% of his bone marrow was covered with cancer.

It was an incredibly tough few years for the family. In May 2018, the family received the news that Fraser had a “super rare” genetic mutation called B-Cell ALL with Burkitts MYC. It is so rare it has never been treated in a hospital before. Fraser was admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary where he stayed for eight months waiting to receive treatment.

That December was Fraser’s last round of chemotherapy and then in January 2019, his mum and dad were told that he was cancer free! But sadly, the cancer returned just two months later. He was moved to Great Ormand Street Hospital where he received Car-T treatment. This worked, so in August 2019, mum and dad were expecting to hear once more that Fraser was cancer free.

But the cancer came back almost immediately. He received eight rounds of irradiation. It seemed like there was no chance of recovery, Fraser was facing palliative care and his mum started to plan a funeral in her mind.

That was until he was matched to stem cells from a baby in Belgium. The parents had donated the baby’s umbilical cord blood and by chance, it was a match for Fraser. These stem cells would be used to replace the cancerous bone marrow cells with healthy ones. At three years old, Fraser received treatment.

He went from strength-to-strength, just 11 days after his stem cell transplant.

Now aged 6, Fraser is cancer free and has even started school. It’s like he has been reborn! He has a few manageable health issues post his radiation such as cataracts and sore legs but he is otherwise living life having defied all the odds. Well done, Fraser.

For the full story check out this news article.

Public Donation vs Private storage

Here is a quick run-down of the differences between public donation and private storage of cord blood:


– Free service

– Done via the NHS

– Only available at a limited number of hospitals or through the Anthony Nolan charity

– The cord blood will be put onto a public database for anyone who needs it


– Paid for service

– Done using a private storage company (that’s us!)

– Available at many hospitals across the UK and available for home births

– Cord blood is stored for the exclusive use of the baby and their family should they get sick. A 100% genetic match for your baby and a good chance of being a match for siblings.

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