Choosing the right maternity hospital in London can be overwhelming, with so many choices.  In this blog article, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 London hospitals for giving birth. These hospitals stand out for their exceptional services and support for expectant mothers.

The Portland Hospital: Luxury Birthing Experience

The Portland Hospital, the only privately-owned maternity hospital in the UK, provides opulent delivery rooms and exceptional healthcare services. Known for hosting celebrity clients, it offers a range of birthing options and prenatal classes.

University College Hospital: Expertise and Innovation

University College Hospital is a popular choice for expectant mothers due to its modern facilities and skilled staff. Its Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing is dedicated to women’s health and provides comprehensive maternity services.

St. Thomas’ Hospital: Historic and Trusted

St. Thomas’ Hospital, overlooking the Thames, has been serving Londoners for centuries. It offers excellent maternity services, including a midwife-led birth centre and a special care baby unit.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital: Family-Centred Care

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is well-known for its focus on family-centred maternity care. It offers various services, including home births, water births, and hypnobirthing.

King’s College Hospital: Specialist Care

King’s College Hospital offers specialised maternity services and care, making it an excellent option for high-risk pregnancies. The hospital boasts a team of experienced medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities.

Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital: Pioneering Maternity Care

Known as one of the oldest maternity hospitals, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital has been pioneering maternity care since 1739. It features both consultant-led and midwife-led units, providing personalised care.

St. Mary’s Hospital: Royal Standard

St. Mary’s Hospital, part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, is famous for its Lindo Wing, where royals have given birth. It offers private and NHS maternity services, ensuring a high standard of care.

Royal London Hospital: Comprehensive Support

The maternity services at Royal London Hospital aim to provide continuous support to women during their pregnancy. With a dedicated team of midwives and consultants, they ensure every mother receives the best possible care.

Croydon University Hospital: Community-Oriented Care

Croydon University Hospital provides a community-oriented approach to maternity care. It offers various services, from home births to obstetric-led care in the hospital.

Homerton University Hospital: Personalised Birthing Plans

Homerton University Hospital offers personalised birthing plans, catering to the needs of each expectant mother.


Each of our top 10 hospitals offers unique strengths, making them some of the best hospitals for delivery in London. Cells4Life can provide cord blood collection and storage services throughout the country as the UK’s largest private cord blood bank. It can provide coverage at all UK and Northern Ireland maternity hospitals.

Because most maternity staff are used to seeing our phlebotomists and Collection Kits in their hospitals, we are trusted to provide a seamless cord blood collection service that enables your attending midwives and consultants to focus on looking after you and your baby on the big day. Click the map to find out if your hospital allows cord blood collection.

Choosing the right hospital is an essential step in your pregnancy journey. We hope this guide helps you decide and brings you closer to welcoming your baby into the world.

Preparing for your labour

Once you’ve chosen a private maternity hospital you can look forward to planning your stay. Check out our guide ‘What should I pack in my maternity hospital bag’ now to make sure you’re fully prepared for your baby’s arrival.


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