A new study conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic has found that stem cell treatment for patients with advanced heart failure offers an improved quality of life.

As many as 100,000 people are admitted to hospital in the UK every year due to heart attacks [1]. Heart attacks can lead to heart failure, where damage to cardiac muscles makes it harder for blood to be pumped around the body. 

Heart failure can drastically alter a patient’s quality of life, affecting breathing, mobility and energy levels. 

Currently, there are very few viable treatments for the advanced stages of heart failure, with standards of care limited to dietary measures, medication, implants and rehabilitation. [2]


Heart failure treatment

Researchers recruited 315 advanced heart failure patients who had been unresponsive to standard treatments.

These patients were then split randomly between groups of those who would receive stem cell treatment and those who wouldn’t.

Stem cells from the bone marrow of the patients who would receive the treatment were then extracted and reprogrammed to heal cardiac tissue. The reprogrammed cells were then injected into the hearts of the patients.

All patients were then asked to fill out self-assessments at regular periods over the course of a year.  

Those who received the treatment consistently reported improvements in their quality of life compared to those who didn’t. Those who received treatment were also shown to be at reduced risk of death and hospitalisation from heart failure than those who didn’t. [3][4]

The results of the trial offer hope for very promising future outcomes both for quantity and quality of life for advanced heart failure sufferers. 


What this means for you

This trial is another example of how stem cells are shaping the future of healthcare through their application in regenerative medicine.

The stem cells utilised in this trial, called mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), have the ability to differentiate into a huge range of tissue types and occur naturally in both umbilical cord blood and cord tissue, in addition to bone marrow.

With Cells4Life, you can store these stem cells for your baby so that they have access to their perfect match for use in future regenerative therapies like this one.

To find out more about the power of stem cells, request our free Welcome Pack below. 



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