MS is a condition which affects the central nervous system. Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease; an autoimmune disease is an illness in which the body attacks itself. In the case of MS the body attacks nerves and strips the nerves of their insulating coating, called Myelin. The attack on the nervous system can be so severe that even the nerves themselves become damaged

Multiple Sclerosis affects around 100,000 people in the UK. Like most autoimmune diseases, MS is more prevalent in women than men. Unfortunately there is no cure for MS today, but hopefully that could soon be a thing of the past

Stem cells are providing exciting opportunities for researchers to develop treatments for MS. Dr. Richard Burt has conducted a successful but small study. The results were so promising that this study was been developed into a randomised trial. As well as the research Dr. Burt is conducting, the MS Society and UK Stem Cell Foundation announced their collaboration on three studies back in 2011. The investment in these studies was over £1,000,000.

This week, to lend our support to National MS Week and raise awareness of MS, we will be using our social media outlets to highlight the role of stem cells in the quest for a cure for MS. We’ll cover clinical trials, a stem cell pioneer, the real life story of a clinical trial participant and much more.

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