It’s the most wonderful time of the year but it may not always feel that way if you are expecting a little one this Christmas. In fact, the cold weather, dietary and drink restrictions and a tiring events calendar might even leave a ‘bah humbug’ on the tip of your tongue. Here’s our advice to make the most of the holidays while you are pregnant at Christmas.

1. Festive feasting

Christmas is the time of plenty but there are a few things to remember as you face this year’s indulgent party platters.

For starters, stay away from soft cheese as it contains various forms of bacteria that can harm your little one. Thankfully, you can still enjoy harder, pasteurised cheese including old favourites like cheddar or red leicester.

For the same reason, you will also have to pass on any raw fish, sushi or oysters this Christmas – but you can add as much smoked salmon to your plate as you like.

Make sure you also avoid pate and fermented meats like salami, chorizo and parma ham.

That said, however, Christmas is the perfect excuse to ‘eat for two’ – so feel free to indulge on all the mince pies, Christmas pudding and chocolates you can manage.

Christmas is also the only time of year when your crazy cravings won’t stand out, because almost everyone will be eating as much as they like, when they like.

2. Drink

Wine and spirits are often free flowing during the Christmas season, but pregnant women must steer of alcohol.

The same is true of caffeine – as expectant mums are advised to consume a maximum of just 200mg per day.

Swap the coffee for other options like herbal tea. You can also make mulled fruit juice as an alcohol-free alternative while mocktails are a safe bet at any parties – most options boast great flavour and have the added bonus of being hangover-free.

3. Rest & relaxation

They may be called the Christmas holidays but the festive break can be full-on if you are entertaining guests, welcoming family, cooking food and buying gifts.

Make sure you secure some downtime amid the Christmas rush. It is important to keep your pregnancy as stress-free as you can.

Being pregnant at Christmas is a great excuse to dodge the hosting duties this year and means you can enjoy playing the guest instead.

4. Great gifts

If you are expecting a baby in the winter months, Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on all the items you have been eyeing. Friends and family will be more than happy to buy all sorts of things for your little one – so there are bound to be exciting surprises under the tree.

Also, if you find yourself struggling with your limitations this Christmas, just remember that this time next year you will have a little one to buy gifts for. Having a child in the home is bound to make Christmas more exciting for years to come.

5. Be prepared

Just like Christmas gift shopping, it is best not to leave anything to the last minute.

Everything grinds to a halt over the festive season – from transport to the shops, doctor surgeries and more.

If you are pregnant at Christmas, be prepared for closures well in advance. Know your route to the hospital in case baby arrives early and learn the opening times of your local GP.

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