Researchers in Abu Dhabi have developed a ground breaking stem cell treatment for COVID-19 patients with initial data showing promising results.

Stem cells can currently treat a wide array of conditions, from immune disorder to blood cancers – and this list keeps on growing. In an exciting new breakthrough, stem cells have proven to be a successful treatment for patients suffering from coronavirus.

The treatment involves a unique method of extracting stem cells from the patient’s own blood, activating them and reintroducing them into the patient’s body through a nebulising mist. COVID-19 patients inhale the stem cell mist which in turn alleviates symptoms such as shortness of breath and coughing.

An initial group of 73 COVID-19 patients with moderate to severe symptoms were treated using the stem cell mist. All patients responded well to the treatment and were discharged from hospital soon after. However, researchers at the time stressed that the results were preliminary and further testing and analysis was required.

Now, further analysis has been conducted and the stem cell mist treatment has proven to be safe and effective as a supplement to standard medical care.

Lead researcher of the trial and specialist haematologist, Dr Fatema Alkaabi, said “Patients who received the stem cells treatment demonstrated clinical improvement within the first four days of treatment as evidenced by lower severity scores. The standard treatment group took eight days to show similar findings.”

How does the stem cell mist work?

The treatment begins by extracting the patient’s own stem cells from their blood. The stem cells are then separated from the blood and placed into a nebuliser which ‘activates’ the stem cells.

The nebuliser then transforms the liquid into a mist which is then breathed into the lungs by the patient. Once inhaled, the stem cell mist covers the damaged lung cells, encouraging them to regenerate and repair themselves. This also helps to improve the body’s immune response to COVID-19 and prevents an overreaction to the infection which can damage healthy cells.

Whilst the stem cell mist is not a cure, the treatment helps to alleviate COVID-19 symptoms by reducing inflammation and modulating immune response, and thus preventing additional damage to healthy lung cells.

The stem cell mist will continue to be used alongside conventional medical intervention with the hope of promoting faster recovery for many COVID-19 patients.

Stem cells and COVID-19

This is not the first time that stem cells have been used to treat COVID-19 cases. Earlier this year, umbilical cord stem cells were used to treat a critically ill 65-year-old COVID-19 patient who had been fighting for her life for several weeks. After receiving umbilical cord stem cells, the patient was able to walk again.

Cells from the placenta have also been used in COVID-19 treatments. These powerful cells were able to ‘calm down’ the hyper-immune reaction within the COVID-19 patient’s lungs and promote recovery.

These exciting breakthroughs in COVID-19 treatments reiterate the many benefits of saving your baby’s stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta. Why not get in touch with our team to discover the benefits of cord blood, cord tissue and placenta banking. Simply call 01444 873950.

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